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Lazy days

It’s not a huge secret that I absolutely love living in Colorado during all times of the year. My summers are full of hiking trips and my winters are full of weekend skiing. I have to confess though, we are currently in the midst of one of my favorite times of year: the transition season. Allow me to explain.

I spent all summer (by choice!) waking up at 4:30 a.m. on weekends to hike 14ers, running in relay races and generally just getting after it. I had a blast, don’t get me wrong, but it was also somewhat exhausting. I basically treat Denver like a bedroom community to the mountains. I think this gives me the best of both worlds but I admittedly sometimes neglect to spend much time in the city.

This brings me to the transition season. Okay so a few ski resorts are open and we’ve had a couple snowstorms here already but it’s not quite full blown ski season yet. It’s also still possible to go hiking but there is now snow in the high country. We are in a middle zone, somewhere between peak hiking season and ski season. Consequently, in an unprecedented Paula move, I’ve just been bumming it in the Mile High for the past few weekends. It’s peak Denver season! And you know what? I’ve been having a great time.

1/2 mountain girl, 1/2 city girl.

This past weekend I went to the Denver International Wine Festival on Friday night with my friend Cayce. We ate at Euclid Hall downtown beforehand, enjoying mussels and duck confit french fries. It was the first time I’d spent an entire evening in downtown Denver in many moons.

City life tastes so good.

I spent most of the day on Saturday recovering from the wine festival and laying on my couch. With the exception of that horrible time that I had strep throat, it was the most quality time that my couch and I had spent together in awhile. On Saturday night I headed to Boulder to watch Flow State, this year’s Warren Miller movie with a group of friends. Every single one of my activities on Saturday involved sitting, and I didn’t hate it.

On Sunday morning I slept in and woke up in time to make coffee and sit on my couch and watch the Broncos game. That’s right, more sitting. It’s what I do best these days.

Really I’m enjoying these precious few weekends in the transition time, because I know ski season and early morning wake-up calls on the weekends are just around the corner again. You know what though? There is something to this whole “lazy weekend” thing. It doesn’t suck.

Maybe I’ll have to have another lazy weekend in the middle of January! Probably not though, let’s be real.


I should stick to mountains

I don’t know why but I have been dying to go to Beta for the past two years.  Beta is basically the quintessential night club in Denver.  I mean apparently LeBron James was there a few weeks ago?  You might be thinking to yourself right now that Beta doesn’t really seem like my kind of place. You’re right.  My weekends generally consist of me going to bed early in order to spend time playing in the mountains the next morning.  Going out and clubbing is just not my thing.  I accept and embrace this.

So how did this all happen?  My softball team needed a girl sub on Friday night, and my roommate agreed to play if I would agree to go out to Beta with her afterwards.  Beta?  Finally an excuse to go. No arm twisting needed there, I was sold.

Glow bracelets, ready for action.

My roommate and I met up with some of our friends for some beers at Freshcraft before venturing over to the myth, the legend – BETA.  Figuring out how to enter Beta was somewhat of a challenge.  I swear, there were like five different entrances. And half of our party was on some list and the other half was not which only added to the challenge.  Once we got inside we went to the dance floor on the second story to meet my roommate’s friend.  I think I was undergoing sensory overload at this point.  Don’t be fooled by the kids on Jersey Shore, clubbing is serious business.

Professionals. I would never be able to hang.

This is where the night starts to get weird. My roommate’s friend had a friend that had met some people over in the bottle service section. So we then ended up going over and hanging out in the bottle section area with this older guy and several random people. The older guy introduced himself as “The Hotness” and was wearing a white tie with a white shirt, so you knew he was legitimate. I had no idea who the random people were. It was also unclear to me if any of them knew each other. Many questions went unanswered. Unfortunately it was kind of the lamest bottle service ever. When we got there the bottles were all gone and only mixers remained. Although to be honest I probably could have really gone for some OJ at that point.

Beta wristbands. Probably will not be framed.

After leaving the bottle service area, my roommate and I decided that we had sufficiently experienced Beta.  We never even technically danced while we were there. I know, I would be the worst cast member of The Jersey Shore ever.  To recover from the Beta experience, we headed to a high class bar called The Giggling Grizzly downtown.  I think every single patron at The Giggling Grizzly was wearing a plaid shirt.  Paula was much more at home.

My kind of bar.

We stayed at The Giggling Grizzly until closing time, a very smart move on our part because then we were trying to get a taxi at the same exact time as every single other person in Denver. Luckily I was with the group, and I don’t mess around when it comes to taxis. I eventually ended up sprinting a few blocks ahead to flag a taxi down. It’s all about being aggressive.

The good news is that now I know what Beta experiences entail.  And in the future if I’m not going to bed early on a Friday night and I happen to be going out I’ll happily skip the clubs and head straight to The Giggling Grizzly and plaid shirt land thank you very much.


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